Policies, Procedures and Agreements

Bookings From Autumn 2022


*NEW* Term Time Courses
Our classes now take the form of "term time courses" meaning that sign ups take place at the beginning of each term with a limited number of spaces. Courses will have a trajectory in terms of learning content. To guarantee yourself a place you will need to sign up for the whole term BEFORE the term starts. If you wish to join the course once it has already started this is then at the full discretion of the teacher and you will be charged the "new drop in rate (see below)" for each remaining class.
Autumn Term is 6 weeks from 6 Sept - 14 Oct and Winter Term is 8 weeks from 25 Oct -16 Dec. Payment in full must be received prior to or on the first day of term. There is no reimbursement for missed classes. If we have to cancel the class due to weather or other 'natural cause' then you will receive full reimbursement for that class. 

Can I just drop in instead of booking the whole term?
Yes, provided there is space in the class and for a slightly higher price ($20/hr class) and with the understanding that you may be walking into a class that has been working on a specific skill for a few weeks before-hand. 

What about my class card?
If you bought a class card prior to September 2022 and there is still credit on it then you can use this credit towards booking on a term time course or you may use your remaining 'stamps' for drop-in purposes under the old deal. All of these old cards will expire at the end of December 2022.

New Class Cards

New class cards will be available to purchase from September 2022 and will have a life span of two months from date of purchase. These will cost $150.00 and contain 10 class passes to use as you wish.

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Covid Protocols


​Even though the BVI government has lifted many regulations in regard to COVID we would still appreciate it that if you feel unwell to please stay at home. 


We do have mats and blocks to loan but if possible please bring your own :) 

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Accepting Liability


In any physical activity, risk of serious physical injury is possible. Yoga is no substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. Some yoga poses are not recommended for individuals with certain conditions (e.g. cardiac illness, later stages of pregnancy, herniated disks, post-surgery etc.) with this knowledge, the student assumes the risk of the yoga practice and releases our qualified teachers from any liability claims. 

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Please pay your teacher directly with cash or check prior to your class or course.


For these sessions cash or check must be provided either before or immediately following the session. You will not be permitted to book another session until your payment is settled.

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