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A demanding and dynamic form which follows a set order of postures. Strength and grace are developed by working through these postures with synchronised breathing, internal muscular awareness and the use of set places to look with your eyes in each pose.


Often coined "A quiet practice" - the 30 or so Yin Yoga poses are either seated or reclining and held for time (usually around 5 minutes). The focus of this form is to stay attentive to the present moment as the pose is held; observing sensations in the body and finding ease. 


A flowing practice whereby a creative order of poses merge one into the next as ordered by the teacher. Often a class may have a particular emphasis: hips, backbends, shoulders etc. In this way a vinyasa class offers a great deal of variety.



Somatic practices (of which yoga is one) cultivate the skills of sensing, feeling, thinking and moving with awareness. Benefits can include: better postural awareness, mobility, balance and the ability to breathe more freely. Somatic movement is taught monthly as part of our 'Nervous System Reboot' class.


Pranayama (breathing practices) are taught as a gateway towards meditation (focused awareness) in our monthly 'Nervous System Reboot' class.  

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